Grief Recovery Method

'Building resilience and empowerment after loss.'

During our lifetime we will all experience the grief that accompanies the death of a loved one, but we can also struggle and grieve other losses too such as a divorce, a failed business, the loss of our home, our career, our health, a loss of confidence or self-worth or our identity and many others.

In 2016 I trained in the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) and it was a life-changing experience; for me as someone struggling with loss it helped me enormously, and it made so much sense.  I was amazed and inspired by its unique 'holistic' approach to 'loss' and as a result I decided to make this my life's work - helping others to resolve their deep rooted and unresolved grief. I wholeheartedly recommend this transformational 'educational wellbeing' programme to anyone who feels 'stuck' on that painful carousel of loss and regret  or who wants to 'make peace' with the past - with the GRM you can discover the confident, compassionate and adventurous soul that lies within you.

In April 2020 I qualified as an Advanced GRM Specialist. I am loving this new opportunity to support clients online, now location is no longer a barrier to accessing my support. 

Please get in touch to find out how I can help you, or a loved one, heal your unresolved  grief.

In Detail:

There is a small handbook which accompanies the programme, which is read in your own time between sessions. The content is taught alongside this handbook, giving you the practical, mental and emotional tools to resolve any incomplete past losses and any grief that you may be currently experiencing.


 The success of the programme is dependent upon your honesty and your willingness to think about things that you have said. The requirement of you to participate so pro-actively in your own healing journey is what makes this programme so unique and empowering. You acquire the skills to take ownership of your emotions and without forgetting experiences, you can resolve the grief and pain which often comes with memory.  You will have the opportunity to deeply reflect upon 2 significant relationships, within the 8 sessions. Many clients have returned after completing the programme to resolve more relationships and past losses with amazing results.

 All sessions: 60 minutes 

Still unsure? You can book a free 20minute phone consultation/Zoom video chat with me to see if this programme is the right way forward for you. Simply contact me by phone or here

during my working hours of Monday-Friday 10-8pm.

Course Fees

This 16 hour programme is £600.00 and includes the course handbook, which is yours to keep.The hours are divided between 8 x 1hour 1:1 sessions with me and the remaining is reading and reflection in your own time.

Please note that payment is in full and it must be made before you embark upon session 2. Payment is by direct bank transfer. Please note there is no refund possible when the programme has commenced. 

I also offer the opportunity to 'talk', with my additional 'listening & support' sessions at £55.00/hour. Please note this is on a short-term basis only.

Transformative Programme

"The work that Dawn has taken me through on the Grief Recovery Programme has been transformative. I highly recommend this course if you want to feel lighter, brighter and ready to skip forward no longer carrying that heavy burden of  loss.  Dawn is sensitive, intuitive, gently guiding to make sure that negative feelings are truly released. It's not therapy, it's a lesson for life."

February 2018