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 Grief Recovery Method
'Building resilience and empowerment after loss.'


Are you someone who is seeking help after experiencing a bereavement? It may have been a loving relationship but not always.  With the Grief Recovery Method you discover what it is that's keeping you stuck in a place of pain. I provide a safe space where you can say anything; no judgement, just validation and support. 



Divorce- Relationship breakup.

Are you struggling with an unloving relationship? Have you been betrayed, abused, neglected or controlled and made to feel unworthy; often by partners, but sometimes by a parent or other family member? The Grief Recovery Method can help you. This programme provides you with the emotional tools to be able to release past hurts and 'let go'.

Why choose the Grief Recovery Method?

Because 'making peace' enables you to finally let go of those years of buried sadness -  of never communicating those things you wished you had said or done, or hadn't said or hadn't done, before the person in the relationship tragically died, or perhaps before a loved one developed dementia or slipped into a coma. For those who have felt devastated by a relationship breakup or never felt 'good enough' or worthy you find yourself, you heal and become a wiser, empowered more confident you.


In Detail:

The cost of this programme is £600 and it consists of:

a free 20minute introduction call.

7 x 1hour 1:1 sessions with me (in person or online via Zoom)

the Grief Recovery Method Handbook

it also includes the opportunity to complete on another loss/relationship in an additional session.


Please note that there is also an additional 6-8 hours of reading the accompanying handbook and completing reflective assignments in your own time between each session with me.

The programme is structured and follows a natural sequence with each session building upon the previous discussion and readings. 


 The success of the programme is dependent upon 100% honesty and your willingness to think about the things that you have discovered. This is a pro-active programme, I facilitate you in your own healing journey. You acquire the skills to take ownership of your emotions and without forgetting experiences, you can resolve the grief and pain which often comes with memory.  Many clients have returned after completing the programme to resolve more relationships and past losses with amazing results.


Transformative Programme

"The work that Dawn has taken me through on the Grief Recovery Programme has been transformative. I highly recommend this course if you want to feel lighter, brighter and ready to skip forward no longer carrying that heavy burden of  loss.  Dawn is sensitive, intuitive, gently guiding to make sure that negative feelings are truly released. It's not therapy, it's a lesson for life."

February 2018

Still unsure? You can book a free 20minute phone consultation or Zoom video chat with me to see if this programme is the right way forward for you. Simply contact me by phone: 07928110041 or via here, 

My working hours are Monday-Friday 10-8pm.

Cost of the programme

The cost of this programme is £600.00  There are several payment options available.

Payment is required at least 1 day before the session is scheduled to take place.


To avoid being charged a cancellation fee of £35.00 please provide at least 2 working days notice.