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 About the programme

The sessions provide an opportunity for you to talk about all of your emotional feelings. Everything you share with me is confidential and I will never judge, criticise or analyse your situation. All I ask is for you to come along with an open mind and to be honest and truthful to yourself.


There is a small handbook which accompanies the course, which is read in your own time between sessions. The content is taught alongside this handbook, giving you the practical, mental and emotional tools to resolve any incomplete past losses and any grief that you may be currently experiencing. Additionally, the skills learnt from the Grief Recovery Method programme will prepare you to deal with other significant losses you may go on to experience in your lifetime.

 The success of the course is completely dependent upon your honesty and truthfulness and your willingness to think about things that you have said. The requirement of you to participate so pro-actively in your own healing journey is what makes this programme so unique and empowering. You acquire the skills to take ownership of your emotions and without forgetting experiences, you can resolve the grief and pain which often comes with memory.  Many clients have returned after completing the programme to resolve more relationships and past losses with amazing results.

 All sessions: 60 minutes 

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Course Fees

First session is £50.00 and includes the course handbook, which is yours to keep.

Subsequent sessions are £40.00 each. Please note that payment must be made before or during the session. Payment can be made in cash, cheque or direct bank transfer.

'Building resilience and empowerment after loss.'