In the Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions'

How do I know that my loss is significant?
Any loss that brings unwanted or unpleasant change is significant. A significant loss will: affect you physically, emotionally and mentally to the point where you're not 'coping'. A significant loss will leave you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unable to move forward. And if you feel that your day to day life is a struggle, that your mental health is suffering then the loss will be significant too.

Do I have to do all the sessions?
Yes, the method won't work otherwise. The programme is 8 sessions with a structured and considered sequence. The content and reflective task builds upon the previous session, slowly and sensitively supporting you to discover any undelivered communication of an emotional nature that may be keeping you stuck in a place of pain. 

What happens if I'm not sure?

If you are unsure whether the programme I deliver is right for you, simply book a free 20minute telephone consultation/Zoom video chat with me.  I will try my hardest to answer any questions you may have so that you can be sure that this really is the right way forward for you. 

This programme will take you back to the past, where losses or painful experiences may have occurred. It requires 100% commitment and honesty from you. 
Please note that the payment you have made is non refundable once you have started the  programme.

What happens during the sessions?

I guide & support you through the sessions and with the reflective work that is entailed in the Grief Recovery Method. This gives you the chance to talk openly about your significant emotional loss/es and to move beyond your current emotional state. 

What happens if I’m not from Herefordshire?

I can support clients online so you can be living anywhere. However if you are not from Hereford and would like to see a Specialist face to face then please visit  to see the UK register.