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In July 2023 I trained as an Edu-Therapy Specialist and I am delighted to be able to offer my clients this incredible holistic loss-supporting programme. Unresolved grief is cumulative and often underneath the most recent loss, which takes you to a place of struggling to cope, lies buried feelings over earlier painful events. If you don't want to feel the way you're currently feeling any more than this could be the course for you.

The GRM and the Edu-Therapy both share the insightful and fundamental core belief that when it comes to emotions and grief we may have a lot of unlearning to do. There is so much denial, minimalising and 'fixing' that either we do ourselves when we're struggling, or those around us encourage us to do .

This is so unhealthy; mentally, emotionally and physically.

The Edu-Therapy takes a closer look at the way grief impacts our brain and our body. For instance the intellectual part of our brain tries to make sense of the loss; trying to find facts, the sequencing of events etc. Whereas the emotional part of our brain tries to find meaning in the loss;

it tries to comprehend the incomprehensible.

You learn that there are so many different (and often conflicting) emotions wrapped up in grief. The way in which your feelings may affect your body; skin issues such as rashes or eczema, headaches, stomach/digestive problems like IBS, or chronic health conditions like Fibromyalgia. You learn that your low energy, or poor concentration, disturbed sleep or the different eating patterns you are experiencing could all be due to your grief. You learn that all of this is normal and natural. 


Edu-Therapy also goes further in the relationship between our thoughts & feelings and the empowering fact that we are in control of our thoughts. Learnt behaviour, unhelpful beliefs may have taken over and we can lose sight of this ownership. I have been really moved by ththerapeutic effects this new knowledge has on my clients when they are participating on their Edu-Therapy journey.

This educational loss-supporting programme brings about huge awareness, encourages self compassion, enables you to let go of all the past pain where you currently feel stuck and  increases your emotional resilience. It can be a life changing journey. It is an extraordinarily insightful programme that is therapeutic too.

The success of this programme is dependant upon 100% honesty, your willingness to share and to reflect upon the things that you discover. Trust is a crucial element of the work I do. 


This was an experiental training programme, as the Specialist I had to do the emotional work too and I found it hugely beneficial. I was able to let go of past pain and regret and finally put 'stuff' to bed.

I feel calmer, emotionally lighter and I have more self compassion too.


In Detail:

This is an 8 session programme.

Allow upto 90 minutes per session.

There is no handbook or homework assignments; all the work is completed in the sessions with me .

Email support is available during working hours whilst on the programme.


Please note payment is required on the day of invoice, in advance of the session.

Cost: 1 payment of £960

or 2 payments of £480 (to be paid before 1st session & the balance before the 4th session).  

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