Grief & Art Workshops

I love facilitating grief & art workshops. These specialist creative sessions provide an opportunity for those who are struggling to come to terms with an emotional loss to express their feelings via the mediums of drawing and fabrics.  

In a previous workshop I facilitated a year 6 group in a local primary school. I was asked to support the children who were struggling after the death of an incredibly popular and much loved teacher.  Each child was invited to share their feelings and their personal memories and this culminated in each of them creating a textile piece (with some drawing) that expressed a magnitude of emotions.  The individual sewn pieces were then machine stitched in to a large, colourful and incredibly poignant wall-hanging. 

 Another grief & art workshop was for a smaller number of school children who were struggling after the tragic death of their very dear school friend. This time I helped the group to create their very own 'Friend Buddy', inspired by the memories they had of their school friend.  Helping people work through their grief, with the help of art, can be incredibly therapeutic. 

'Building resilience and empowerment after loss.'