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So what is Grief?

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to any significant loss.

We 'grieve' any change in or end of a familiar pattern of behaviour.

What is a significant loss?

There are over 40 life events that we grieve. There are the tangible losses such as a bereavement, a relationship breakup, a divorce, family estrangements, moving home - different house, different county, different country even and moving schools. Loss of friendships, loss of work, or a career, loss of the retirement you dreamt of, loss of your health, a loss of finances, loss of your home etc.

And then there are the intangible losses such as loss of identity, loss of self worth, loss of control, loss of safety, loss of voice and so on... all of these significant losses affect us. And we feel each one with 100% intensity.

What are the signs of grief?

Everyone is unique and individual so their grieving journey will be personal to them, no two scenarios are ever exactly the same- though you may have experienced something similar.

Common signs of grief include: poor concentration, erratic sleep patterns, a rollercoaster of emotions, an unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol can develop, physical and mental fatigue is very common and in the long term our physical health can really deteriorate too.

Another sign that someone is grieving is their need to distract themselves - We call these STERBs - Short-term Emotional Relieving Behaviours. These include food, alcohol, drugs, self-harming, hoarding, helping others, workaholism, sex, exercise, isolation, travel, escapism and the ironic one retail therapy.

What do most people do when they grieve?

Most of us 'PUT our emotions in a box'. Most of us DENY our true emotions. Most of us PRETEND we are OK. Overtime this can be so unbelievably detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional health - often resulting in an emotional explosion or implosion. That's also when the STERBs step in.

How can the Grief Recovery Method help?

Many people are sceptical at first but this Method is life changing, it really is. How? Because it provides you with opportunity to take a good look at all your life losses and discover for yourself, what is incomplete - what is it that still hurts? What are you carrying in your heart that you really need to deal with and 'let go' of?

How is the Grief Recovery Method different from other support services?

The Grief Recovery Method is NOT counselling

The Grief Recovery Method is NOT therapy.

The Grief Recovery Method is an educational loss-supporting programme with a holistic approach.

It is scientifically proven to help those who are grieving.

It is the only evidence based 'grief' programme in the UK.

It has a structure, is action led and time limited to 8 sessions.

It empowers you.

It teaches you the set of emotional tools that we all need to cope with past and future life losses.

And it works.

What if I want more than 8 sessions?

The 8 sessions enable you to 'complete' on 2 relationships. You can book additional sessions with me to 'complete' on other relationships too.

How do I get in touch?

Private message me here or email me on

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


There may be someone you know who's struggling right now.

And they may be doing what most of us do.

Right now they're PRETENDING that they're OK.

Right now they're using humour and laughter to hide the tears

Photo credit: K. Mitch Hodge - Unsplash

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