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'Most people bury or deny painful feelings - I teach you a set of emotional tools enabling you to 'make peace' with past hurts and trauma - gaining the knowledge that leaning in to your emotions, is the natural way to heal the pain. The alternative can cause untold damage; emotionally, mentally, and physically too.

If you are feeling 'stuck' after the loss of someone close I can help you to discover and acknowledge all the things you wished had been different, better or more, the 'what ifs' and 'if onlys'.

If the loss is due to a challenging relationship or a divorce you could complete the programme feeling liberated and empowered'

My name is Dawn Ford and I am a Loss & Wellbeing Specialist living in the beautiful county of Herefordshire.

In 2016 I trained in the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) and it was a life-changing experience for me. I was amazed and inspired by its unique 'holistic' approach to 'loss', so much so I have been delivering the programme ever since qualifying. I am passionate about this unique loss-supporting programme & facilitating others so they can work through their deep rooted and unresolved grief.

I wholeheartedly recommend this transformational 'wellbeing' programme to anyone who feels 'stuck' on that painful carousel of loss and regret or who wants to 'make peace' with the past.

  The most obvious loss is bereavement, but other life losses include; relationship breakup, family estrangement, separation, divorce, moving, bullying, loss of home, loss of health (yours or the health of someone close), pet loss. Other losses include intangible ones such as loss of identity, loss of purpose, loss of self-worth, loss of safety (abuse).

In April 2020 I certified as an Advanced GRM Specialist and I became qualified to deliver the GRM online and the incredible 'Helping Children With Loss' programme too. This means location is no longer a barrier to accessing my support.  

I do offer the 1:1 and group GRM programme in person for those near by or anywhere around the world online through Zoom.  

"I can’t recommend Dawn & the Grief Recovery Method enough . Such an amazing programme which can create profound changes. Eternally grateful for my sessions." Feedback from a client who had struggled after a bereavement


"After completing the GRM I feel so confident and empowered; I feel completely unstoppable." Feedback from a client who had struggled after a relationship breakup/divorce

Please contact me if you would like to know any more about any of these supportive services.

We are proud to announce that The Grief Recovery Method is the only grief support programme to have received this distinction of being evidence based. Research shows that The Grief Recovery Method goes beyond a “best practice” or “promising approach” in dealing with the emotional pain of loss. 


The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is recognised by many professional bodies around the world. In the UK the course has been Quality Checked by the National Counselling Society.

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"A weight off my shoulders..

Three months after my mother's death, I bumped into Dawn one Monday morning sitting in her usual coffee shop sketching. Fate was certainly with me that day. I burst into tears and poured my heart out. What a relief to learn of her grief recovery programme - I remember going  home that day with a weight off my shoulders.

Dawn has helped me  move forward from the most difficult time in my life. By piecing together all my incomplete past and present  emotions and learning to 'forgive' by letting go of all feelings of resentment. Over the 7 week course, she listened to my tearful ramblings, providing me with copious tissues - never judgemental, showing me empathy and in complete confidence -  and all in the most idyllic setting of her garden room with views over the Herefordshire countryside .What I  have learnt from the programme will be invaluable for coping with any future feelings of loss and grief  .... Thank you Dawn x"

May 2018



1:1  Sessions

A holistic and educational wellbeing programme enabling you to heal from unresolved grief, loss, trauma. This programme also empowers you with the emotional tools to face future losses. Now also available online.

Group Meeting

Group Sessions

  Small group sessions that bring an additional sense of belonging & shared experiences, in a safe and non-judgemental space. Enabling everyone to participate to heal past losses, grief and trauma. AVAILABLE now is  the 'Helping Children With Loss' programme perfect for groups of teachers, .coaches/parents/grandparents/guardians/carers  

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Bespoke Keepsakes

 With this bespoke service your cherished clothes are carefully turned into a keepsake cushion that you can hold close. These keepsakes bring so much comfort to  anyone who has suffered a bereavement or for children after a divorce, or when one parent works .away for long periods of time 

Inspired by your memories that your cherished clothes hold on to. Each commission is always a privilege.


Children coloring

Grief & Art Workshops

I facilitate grief & art workshops. These specialist creative sessions provide an opportunity for children who are struggling to come to terms with an emotional loss to express their feelings via the mediums of drawing and fabrics. 

Mobile: 07928110041

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