During our lifetime we will all experience the death of someone close to us, but we might also struggle with other losses too - such as a divorce,  poor health,  a loss of our safety,  a loss of confidence, a failed business, the loss of our home, the death of a beloved pet too. It is acknowledging that these losses are very real and the enormous negative impact upon our daily lives, hearts and health.

But usually We Pretend We Are OK, When Inside We Feel Anything But OK.


I embarked on the Grief Recovery Method training as its unique 'holistic' approach really appealed to me. It recognises that grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, whatever that loss may be. This supportive programme, despite following a structure, enables me to tailor the delivery on an individual 1:1 basis.


The death of a much loved pet is rarely spoken of as it is can be often regarded by others as not that much of a deal "It was only a dog", but not for those of us who share our daily lives with them, we can miss them terribly.  The same goes for a divorce, where others around us may be unsympathetic because the ex partner hasn't died " you're just divorced."


This  seven session programme uses conversation and thought exercises that allow the person to reflect upon a relationship - the good and the bad with my support. It is different to conventional grief & bereavement counselling as it focuses on emotional connections associated with all of your loss experiences from birth to the present moment and then cultivates a practical guide to resolve one of these losses over the duration course. There is always the opportunity to resolve more significant losses in additional sessions.



All of your sessions will take place in The Garden Room at my home in Hereford, which is a private and safe place for you. Some clients chose to read the final session's Completion Letter in the beautiful tranquil meadow nearby.





Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist with The Grief Recovery Method UK 2016.


 Grief and Art workshops.


Phoenix Bereavement Support Service - a volunteer for bereaved children and their families.


The Noah’s Ark Trust  - a trained volunteer for their Grief Support Programme for bereaved children and their families..




Dawn Ford

Loss & Wellbeing Specialist

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