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Sorting through a loved one's personal belongings after their death

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

February 2017

Sorting out the personal things that belong to someone who has died is an enormous task and a heartbreaking one too. To help with this difficult task The Grief Recovery Method suggests that you sort the personal items into 3 piles.

Pile A is everything you know you want to keep.

Pile B is everything you know you can let go of.

Pile C is everything else, it's the pile that has all those things in that you are not quite certain of.

Everything in Pile A can be placed in the wardrobe, cupboards and drawers. Pile B's items can go to friends, family relatives or to a charity. Place pile C items into bags and boxes and put them away in the attic. Maybe a month or 3 later, or whenever you feel able, get Pile C back out and separate it in to A, B & C piles once again and see if you can make a decision on whether you want to keep or give away the items.

The Grief Recovery Method also recommend that you NEVER do the sorting alone, have a close friend or relative with you and always with a clear head.

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