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So What is a Significant Loss?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Basically any event that leaves us with a negative emotion can be a significant loss; be that great sadness, betrayal, shame, anger, embarrassment, jealousy, worthlessness etc.. Over the last 4 years I have supported clients, with an array of loss issues, all of which stem from one or multiple relationships. Clients have been aged from 18-80, male and female, ALL of them had one thing in common; they all carried negative, stressful, or traumatic experiences that were overwhelming them.

Some of the relationship issues and losses that I have supported to date:

cheating husband/partner

end of a marriage/partnership

narcissist partner/parent/s

controlling husband/partner/toxic relationship

neglect from parents

alcoholic parent/drug-dependant parent

incarcerated parent

loss of mother bond/father bond

abusive father/mother/step father/step mother/relative

sexually abusive relative

loss of a childhood

sudden death of a parent/child/sibling/relative/friend

long term illness of a parent/child/sibling/relative/friend


infant death


loss of becoming a parent

loss of trust

loss of confidence

loss of self-worth/self-love

loss of voice (inability to be heard, feelings and opinions don't matter)/loss of identity

loss of health

pet loss and many more.

So if you, or anyone you know, is struggling and feeling overwhelmed with a relationship - currently or in the past, please do get in touch. The Grief Recovery Method could be life-changing for you, for them. I offer a free 20minute phone call and the online Initial Consultation is free too.

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