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The death of a pet is a loss we often don't talk about.

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The death of a pet can be absolutely devastating and comments like "but it was only a dog" (or cat or any other animal) can be so hurtful. To avoid being judged by these people we often keep the heartache inside. This can lead to months or years of unresolved grief. Sometimes we need to feel brave to acknowledge and to show our true emotions. Being true to yourself, whatever the loss is the first step in your grief recovery.

I often hear people talking about the struggle they have after the death of their pet. For many of us, whether a young child or an adult the loss of our constant companion can turn our world upside down. The Grief Recovery Method is also available to help those who are finding it hard to cope after such a loss. We recognise that just as with a human loss, the death of our much loved pet can leave us with unresolved grief; when we find it difficult to 'go on as normal', 'as if nothing has happened'.

There was much crying and reminiscing for a long time after our dear 12 year old black lab Archie died. We all grieved his presence, his character, his loyalty. Slowly after 18 months we felt ready to welcome and love again another dog so in 2016 we welcomed our puppy Alfie.

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