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Do you struggle with unhealthy relationships; with other people and perhaps with yourself too?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Do you have a poor sense of self worth? And frequently accept second best? And do you go out of your way to 'please others' often to the detriment of your own happiness?

Radio 4 Woman's Hour this morning had Counsellor Susan McGrath and Catherine, a member of Co-Dependency Anonymous UK, speak about co- dependency and the help that is available. 31:28 - 40:30

A listener who had struggled with co-dependency for many years had emailed the show and shared her struggles with always feeling second best. How she had 'accepted' being the mistress, or the only paid worker in the relationship, or the one who was never respected or valued.

So what is co-dependency?- here's a few pointers: Insecure attachment to another. A poor sense of self; self-value, self-worth, self-belief. The inability to set and keep boundaries and to have them respected. A perpetual people-pleaser. Being with people who are not emotionally available. Often triggered by early life experiences - where a child has unmet emotional needs. Often associated with addiction, neglect or abuse - where a child internalises a sense of unworthiness - where a child has a poor sense of self.

What help is there? The interviewer mentioned:

12step fellowship with Co-dependency Anonymous UK. Counselling Therapy & I want to add the Grief Recovery Method - I know how enormously beneficial this programme has been in raising awareness of where my client's low self-worth stems from and empowering them (the majority are women). These clients have struggled with co-dependency, low self-worth, low self-value, for years. If you would like to find out more please visit my website or email me at

"We need people alongside us if we want to break these cycles"

You deserve better. You deserve to feel better about yourself and to love yourself. and You deserve it now.


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