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From Mittens & A Bonnet To A Cushion

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I remember the day clearly that a friend of mine introduced me to a lovely lady who desperately wanted a keepsake. I visited her at her place of work and discovered that her dear grandson had tragically been stillborn. She wanted me to make her a cushion out of some clothes she had bought for him. I looked down at these tiny pale blue mittens and bonnet. There was not enough fabric here for me to create a cushion, maybe not even a buddy.

I explained this to her but she was adamant that she wanted a cushion, so I suggested I take the items away and maybe with adding an additional 'neutral' background fabric I could indeed make her something special in memory of her dear grandson. I remember her telling me that there was the anniversary of his death coming up soon, very soon, maybe 3 days away, when her son and daughter in law were visiting the grave.

I felt compelled to create something and fast.... I went straight into town bought a pale plain lemon cotton and got to work straight away on this commission. I think the anniversary was on the Friday and she finished for the day early in the afternoon. Late morning I went round and delivered the keepsake cushion and buddy to her.

I sat on the floor, in a tiny room, as she sat on the chair. It was the first time she had seen the keepsakes that I made especially for her.

She cried, Actually she sobbed. I held her hand and let her cry. I don't remember what I said but I do remember her saying............. It's perfect, I can hug him now.

This keepsake commission had a profound effect on me. These Cloth keepsakes really do make a difference, they touch your soul deep inside and they hug it.

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