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From a Blouse & a Cardigan to 'Duchess The Cat'

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

January 2018

Today I finished creating this bespoke keepsake for my mum, out of my dear Gran's blouse and cardigan. I was not expecting this...

I don't know why but for most of the time I was making the cat I felt a little disconnected from it, possibly because I personally favour the cushion keepsakes and I wasn't sure the 'cat' would emanate the right feeling but when I held her in my arms, it was just like holding a baby. The tenderness that I felt was quite overwhelming and I wasn't expecting that.

I know there is so much love in this keepsake - partly because it's created out of my Gran's clothes and I remember her wearing them. It's also down to the innate characteristics that come from making the cloth companions with 'loved' or 'worn' cloth and the sawdust filling provides them with the most incredible 'vulnerability' where it is instinctive to 'cradle them'.

I have called this cloth keepsake 'The Duchess' because that was one of the names I called my dear Gran. I am really looking forward to delivering her to my mum later this evening, though I will miss seeing her in my studio, where she has kept me company over the last few days.

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