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Supporting a client with her emotions during her divorce...

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I couldn't believe the difference in my new client when she walked through the door the next day. I was completely taken aback by what she said; she told me that meeting me and making the appointment had been a huge turning point. She felt proactive and in charge for the first time since the summer and she was feeling more optimistic about the future with regards to her emotional journey to recovery. She had also had the first good night's sleep since August!

I found the most profound difference in my client after session 4 when she brought along her Loss History Graph. This was the session where she felt she could see clearer, "there is clarity now where before there was chaos".

After compiling her graph she was able to see that certain issues/habits were reoccurring and that her relationship with her father played a big part in other relationships especially with her ex-husband.

She created another graph this time on her ex-husband. She looked closely at the whole relationship. Because it was an acrimonious divorce I knew this relationship graph was going to be heavy in the negative but I needed her to acknowledge at least 2 positive events/experiences.

After completing this programme she felt enlightened and empowered. Book Share post

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