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The Other side of Release is Calm

January 2020

E-Motion 2.0 on Amazon Prime. I was astounded one minute and shouting Yes! at the TV the next.

I didn't know: - The subconscious is 1000 x more powerful than the conscious and our brain downloads our emotions first. I didn't know that wherever we have pain in the body will be the part that is storing emotional pain - (e.g. our Kidneys = fear, our Liver = anger, our Lungs = grief, our Heart = depression.

YES!: - We can get sick by keeping our negative emotions INSIDE us. Trapped traumas and emotions are the source of everything that ails us. So many unresolved negative emotions can develop into depression, anxiety, PTSD so we need to get to the cause and clear it. YES overwhelming experiences get suppressed in our mind and in our body, this equals muscular tension. We are taught to resist things that don't feel good however the answers do NOT lie outside the body - look within and let go of those negative emotions. Finally 90% of our energy is being used to suppress negative energy from our past!

Belief - Fibromyalgia/CFS sufferers like myself can get well, but good health is through the release of trapped/stored negative emotions and you have to believe you can get well -Your Belief System is everything. This film focused on the need to Apologise & Forgive - it's crucial to the 'letting go' and clears negative energy. This is the ethos behind the Grief Recovery Method. And finally a quote from the documentary "The other side of RELEASE is CALM"

and I really like that.

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