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The Last Goodbye

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

July 2017

Yesterday (July 9th) in The Sunday Times I read this incredibly sad yet touching article by Lu Spinney entitled 'Last Goodbye'. This is her personal story about her son Miles' devastating brain injury, acquired during a snow boarding holiday in Austria back in 2006 and the fact that he spent the next five years in a coma-like state before he eventually died.

This is a heartbreaking yet moving account of the loss of a much loved son (and brother) - which touches on, amongst other aspects, the issue of dealing with the personal possessions.

" Many of us will have to deal with the room and possessions of a loved one who has died. To dispose of those things, which seem still to carry an energy, is another death, another farewell. There is no preparation for this, no formula".

I also feel this energy in possessions which Lu speaks of .. in fact this 'energy' is what inspired by first Keepsake.

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