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If you really want your mind blown..

" And if you really want your mind blown? Ask any woman how old they were the very first time they felt objectified/sexualised by a man, or had something inappropriate said to them or had something' not quite right' happen to them. Most of us were children for the first time."

After reading the article by Julie Balsiger in yesterday's Elephant Journal (online - such a great site) There's so much to say and I don't know where to start. I'm also feeling extremely emotional as I type this . Because this article touches on so much that is wrong in our society and as Balsiger says - We have got to make sure it changes. For the future of our children, our grandchildren and ourselves too.

So many of the women who seek support from me have been abused. 100% of those women when they were a child. 100% of those women have been haunted by the abuse/s all their adulthood.

Sometimes we find the courage to tell someone, so we choose hoping this person will listen, will care, will comfort, will not judge us. But this can be heartbreaking too, because so many clients' experiences didn't end as they had hoped. Instead they found themselves being ignored, the act never spoken about again and often they were blamed - " it must have been the way you looked". This has got to change and change now.

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