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The embroidered wrap

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Feb 2017

It was back in March 2009 when I heard the awful news that a dear friend of mine had cancer and the prognosis wasn't good. I called her and arranged to see her the next day at the local hospital. That day after work I made a special trip into town to buy an amethyst stone, somewhere over the years I had heard that it repelled negative energy. When I got it home I just couldn't wrap it up in wrapping paper or even tissue paper. They all seemed too hard, too impersonal, I physically couldn't do it.

I was on a mission to quickly make an applique and embroidered 'wrap', mainly consisting from an old much loved cardigan of mine that had faded over the years, before the hospital visit in two hours time. I couldn't believe that Melanie recognised the cardigan and how much she loved that 'wrap'.

She was moved to the hospice and every time when I visited her there, in bed, she had the 'wrap' placed on her stomach. She had stomach cancer and I believe she felt there was positive energy within that 'wrap', if not she knew the love it represented. I was completely blown away with the attachment she had to it.

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